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SG in SF!

It is now official – I am moving to San Francisco in the summer!

As some of you may have heard, Bain Ventures is opening up an office in Palo Alto in July. Over the past few year, the team has worked hard to gain exposure out West, and now, we are excited to announce we are formalizing our presence with a full staff of investors in the Valley (including me!). Starting July, I will have the fortunate opportunity to join Ajay Agarwal, Indranil Guha and Adam Marchick in our attempt to partner with the world’s best entrepreneurs in order to create the next wave of disruptive businesses.

When I found out about the opportunity to move to SF my interest was immediately piqued (and not just because it was 5 degrees and snowing in Boston). First and foremost, the opportunity to open a new office and essentially start a fund in Silicon Valley has the unique feeling of a startup. We are very aware of the challenges ahead, but the thought of starting from scratch is extremely appealing. Second, the energy, the drive and the density of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley is unmatched anywhere else in the world. As I pursue my career as both an entrepreneur and as an investor, I’m blessed with the chance to immerse myself into this fast-paced ecosystem.

Since my days with Zodah, I’ve long lusted to head west. Life, however, had other plans. Now, after a year experimenting with the scene in Boston, I now have a fantastic opportunity to not only move to the Bay Area, but also join a young and energetic team. Surprisingly, however, I am very saddened to be leaving behind Boston. I’ve been extremely happy with my experience in Boston– I’ve met a lot of really great entrepreneurs and investors and discovered a tech scene I completely underestimated before I moved here. On the personal front, I’ve had the humbling pleasure to have the company of great friends and co-workers (you all know who you are). Each time you move, you leave behind a family – this time is no exception.

As always, I look at each new chapter of my life as a great opportunity and a new adventure. I’m anxiously excited to see what San Francisco has in store for the next chapter in my life.

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